How to save fuel for diesel engine fire pump?

Diesel engine fire pump, saving oil has a coupFuel-saving coups diesel engine fire pump one; increase the temperature of diesel engine cooling water. The increase of water temperature can make the diesel burn more completely, the viscosity of the oil will be smaller, the movement resistance can be reduced, and the fuel saving effect can be achieved.Fuel-saving coups diesel engine fire pump 2; adjust the fuel injection pressure of the injector, can save the effect of oil. The diesel engine fire pump has long-term work and needs regular inspection and adjustment.Fuel-saving coups diesel engine fire pump three; increase pump speed, increase flow, lift, in fact, you can save oil.Fuel-saving coups diesel engine fire pump four; ensure that the machine does not leak oil. We all know that oil leakage not only causes a lot of oil consumption, but also causes unnecessary safety risks. In the face of such a situation, it is recommended to apply the valve paint on the glass plate to smooth the flat oil pipe joint. A diesel recovery device is added, and the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle can be connected with the hollow core screw by a plastic pipe to make the return oil flow into the oil tank.Fuel-saving coups diesel engine fire pump five; the use of purified oil is also a small trick to save fuel. In general, oils with less impurities are used for a long time. The use of precipitated or purified oil helps to reduce oil consumption.

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