How to reduce the power consumption of diesel engine fire pump?

With the changes of the times, people’s awareness of safety has increased. For the protection of their own security, it is already more and more costly. Today, diesel engine fire pumps are slowly replacing ordinary fire pumps and entering large and small environments. In view of the innovation of technology and the novelty of products, many people still don’t quite understand how to properly use diesel engine fire pumps, and there is nothing to do with the possible failure of diesel engine fire pumps. The following is a brief introduction to the problem of large power consumption of diesel engine fire pumps.

After all, mechanical equipment is not a human brain. It does not turn around. When the diesel engine fire pump has a large operating power consumption during operation, then we should treat it like this:

1. Impeller wear ring or impeller and friction. In this case, the correct treatment is inspection and repair, and the wear is severely replaced.

2. The operation flow is too large. In this case, it is recommended to manually reduce the flow.

3. The packing gland is too tight or dry. In this case, simply loosen the packing gland and then inspect the water pipe to see if the tightness of the interface is affected by unnecessary contamination.

4. Bearing damage. In this case, the proper treatment is to check for repair or replacement of the bearing.

5. The speed is too high. In this case, pay attention to the parts and power supply.

6. The pump shaft is bent. In this case, the treatment is to correct the pump shaft.

7. The axial force balance device has failed. In this case, it is obvious that to balance the device, then check the balance hole, return the pipe block, and then clean and repair.

8. The axial clearance of the coupler is too small. In this case, the recommendation is to check the condition and adjust the axial clearance.

The power of the diesel engine fire pump itself is very particular. When the equipment is manufactured, it has strict specifications according to the environment, the relevant flow demand and the required power range. Failure during use is not an unpredictable failure. We only need to, in the event of problems, promptly prescribe the right medicine, reverse the fault situation, and resume normal operation.


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