Diesel water pump can suck and drain liquids containing large particles of solids and long fiber impurities

The diesel engine water pump adopts the axial recirculation and external mixing type, and through the unique design of the pump body and the impeller flow passage, it can be used as a general self-priming clean water pump without the need to install the bottom valve and the tank to divert water, and can also suck and discharge large solids and long fibers. Impurity liquid can be widely used in municipal sewage flood control and drought relief, river pond culture, light industry, paper, textile, food, chemical, electrical, fiber, slurry and hybrid suspension medium transport ideal diesel water pump.

The diesel engine water pump has the central control room remote control and remote transmission control function, and can also have the field bus connection. The battery adopts the automatic floating charging mode to ensure that the battery is in standby state at any time. When the diesel engine water pump is ready for the first start, check the installation of all the equipment and start it according to the following requirements: Inject the oil from the fuel filler to the diesel water pump and the water pump suspension, and check the oil level with the dipstick to meet the required height.

The diesel engine pump can suck and drain liquids containing large particles of solids and long fibers, and the impeller can be made into a self-priming pump with an open impeller structure. Diesel water pump can be widely used in municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation and so on. The diesel water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient use and maintenance, integrated or outdoor movable design.

Precautions for the use of diesel water pumps:

1. Before starting, turn the rotor of the pump and it should be smooth and even.

2. Close the water gate valve and do not inject into the pump (if the bottom valve is not used, evacuate the water with a vacuum pump) to ensure that the pump is filled with water and no air is stored.

3. If a vacuum gauge or pressure gauge is installed on the diesel water pump, turn off the rotary base motor that is connected to the pump and restart the motor. After the speed is normal, turn it on again, then gradually open the water gate valve. If the flow is too large, it can be properly closed. The small gate valve is adjusted, and if the flow rate is too small, the gate valve is opened.

4. Evenly tighten the compression nut on the packing gland to make the liquid leak out, and pay attention to the temperature rise at the packing chamber.

5. When stopping the operation of the diesel water pump, first close the damper of the vacuum gauge and the pressure gauge and the gate valve on the outlet pipe, and then turn off the power of the motor. If the temperature of the environment is low, the square of the lower part of the pump body should be The screw plug is opened and the remaining water is removed to avoid cracking.

6. Do not arbitrarily increase the speed of the pump, but can reduce the speed.

7. The water pump bearing zui high temperature should not exceed 75 °C.

8. The amount of calcium-based butter used to lubricate the bearing is preferably 1/3-1/2 of the bearing body space.

9. Packing wear 吋 The packing gland can be properly pressed and replaced if there is too much wear.

10. Regularly check the shaft parts and pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor bearings.

11. If noise or other abnormal sound is found during operation, stop immediately and check the cause to eliminate it.

12. When using for a long time, please disassemble the water pump to dry the water on the other parts, and put the anti-rust oil on the processing surface for safekeeping.

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