The sealing performance of the fire pump can not be ignored

In the use of the fire pump, it is also necessary to mainly protect the sealing performance of the fire pump. If it is operated under overpressure for a long time, it will affect the sealing performance of the fire pump. Overpressure work, it is easy to cause leakage, and there is a serious risk of bursting.

The sealing performance of the fire pump is an important indicator. The sealing performance is not good, and the leakage occurs. The lighter affects the water delivery volume, and the heavy one may burst and other dangerous situations.

Therefore, the sealing problem of the fire pump should be taken seriously, and it cannot be considered that it only leaks water. In the routine maintenance of the fire pump, the fire pump seal inspection should be regarded as one of the important contents. Only the inspection work in daily maintenance can ensure that it does not leak when it is used. In the maintenance inspection, check the wear of the mechanical seal packing. If the wear is serious, replace the packing in time.

It is recommended that you do not allow the fire pump to overpressure when it is not necessary. When purchasing a fire pump, you can choose a fire pump with better performance and better performance.

Let the fire pump have room for performance for overpressure work.

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