Preparation and inspection of the pump set before starting

1. Close the main switch of the power distribution cabinet to see if the voltage reaches the rated voltage of the motor. If the grid voltage is lower than or higher than 10% of the rated voltage, the operation cannot be started.

2. Jog the button to make the motor rotate instantaneously and observe whether the motor rotates in the correct direction. If it is not correct, it should be corrected.

3. Fill the bearings with lubricating oil;

4. The pump outlet valve should be closed, the inlet valve should be open, and the foam line should be closed. If equipped with a water diversion mechanism, the water diversion handle should be placed in a vacant position, and the water volume of the water ring vacuum pump storage tank (or the amount of oil of the slide vacuum pump storage tank HJ-40) should be sufficient.

Start and run of the pump set

1. If the pump set is equipped with a vacuum water diversion mechanism and needs to divert water, press the vacuum pump water diversion button (or place the diversion handle in the “water diversion” position) to divert water.

When conducting the diversion work, observe the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge display of the fire pump unit. When the vacuum gauge shows that a certain value does not rise, the pressure gauge has a pressure display (usually 0.2-0.4Mpa), indicating that the water has been drawn. The fire pump outlet valve should be opened immediately, and the water inlet pipe valve should be closed. Press the vacuum water pump stop button (or quickly push the water intake handle to the “idle” position) to end the water diversion work.

2. When the pump pressure reaches 0.3-0.5Mpa, the outlet valve can be opened gradually, and the pressure water is sent to the output pipeline system for normal water supply. The outlet flow rate can be adjusted by the outlet valve, and the pump operation must not exceed 3 minutes when the outlet pipe is closed;

3. After the water pump is put into normal water supply, the current meter and voltmeter of the starter cabinet should be checked frequently so that the current should not exceed the rated current, and the voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage of the motor;

4. Pay attention to check the shaft temperature of the motor and water pump, generally not to exceed 85 °C, the bearing temperature must not exceed the ambient temperature of 40 °C;

5. During the operation, always check the rotating parts for abnormal noise. Otherwise, stop the machine immediately and check the cause and eliminate it to avoid causing more damage.

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