Fire pump construction mechanism and preparation before start-up

The fire pump was built and applied to the project. During this period, it was strictly controlled. In particular, its structure, what principles did its construction use?

1. The fire pump should be equipped with a drain cock.

2. The nominal pressure of the pump outlet flange should meet the requirements of working pressure. The nominal pressure of the pump inlet flange should be no less than 1.0MPa.

3. The inlet of the fire pump should be able to withstand a positive pressure of 0.4 MPa.

4. The structure of the pump should ensure easy on-site maintenance and replacement of parts. Fasteners and self-locking devices should not be loose due to vibration or the like.

5. An arrow indicating the direction of rotation should be cast on the fire pump body.

6, should have a pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge, table accuracy.

The fire pump is a simple version of the fire-fighting equipment. Its structural composition is to meet the requirements, the pressure is set within the range, and its structure is various. From its structural mechanism, it is a convenient pumping equipment.

Before the fire pump is used, it is not immediately opened for use. Instead, it should be carefully checked whether it is normal. These tasks are effective for finding problems in time and improving the efficiency of the equipment. The preparations required before starting are:

1. Check the status of the valve switch in the process, especially if it is not used for a long time or there is a fault. Sometimes the valve switch of the fire pump will appear when it is needed, but it will not open. This is a safety hazard. It is important to check the condition of the corresponding return valve switch. It is important to meet the requirements. The return valve should be fully open and the valve block valve should be closed. Also, when testing the foam outlet, it is necessary to close the foam tank valve at several inlets of the fire pump.

2. The handle state of the clutch should be in the “closed” position.

3. Open the deflation switch and let the valve close after the float is reset. Before the fire pump is started, some small aspects should be checked.

Therefore, before starting the fire pump, do not rush to start it, carefully check whether its installation is intact, and whether the position of the accessories is correct, so as to solve the problem early, prevent problems when the time is used, and affect the efficiency.

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