4 factors that cause the fire pump to rust

Why does the fire pump rust? What is the cause of the rust of the fire pump? Better Technology Co., Ltd., we focus on the development and production of fire pumps, and always solve equipment failures for fire pump users. Recently, many new and old customers said that in order to effectively extend the life of the fire pump, it is necessary to control the rust of the fire pump from the source.

4 major factors, the root of the fire pump rust   Material factor   In general, the main body of the fire pump is made of cast steel or stainless steel. And these metal materials are bound to rust, no matter how long or short. However, some fire pump manufacturers that only make profits, in order to control production costs, even in the same material, will buy low-quality materials at low prices. To this end, fire pump purchasers, in addition to a simple understanding of the use of fire pump materials, when the fire pump purchase, can go to the fire pump manufacturers to do field visits, field verification of the pros and cons of materials.

Use of environmental factors Fire pumps can be purchased every time, and the small series will remind you of the use environment of the fire pump. The working environment of the fire pump is usually closed, such as the second floor. In such an environment, if the building is not discomfort and normal, it will be extremely humid when it encounters rain and weather, and it is not easy to dry. In such an environment, the metal is more likely to rust. Therefore, the pump room of the fire pump should try to do some measures to prevent moisture. Frequency factor As the saying goes, if you don’t think for a long time, your head will rust. The same is true for equipment such as fire pumps. In many areas, fire pumps have been put on hold for a long time and are infrequently used. As emergency equipment, the frequency of use is very low. In this case, the fire pump is prone to rust. To this end, Xiao Bian suggested that for the fire pump that is not in use, please do the appropriate start-up operation as maintenance.

Insufficient maintenance factor   The surface of the fire pump will be painted with bright red paint. On the one hand, this is a fixed color in the fire protection field, on the other hand, it is to effectively prevent the surface of the fire pump from rusting. Therefore, there is always one in the daily maintenance measures of the fire pump, which remedies the falling paint or the scraping paint caused by other human factors. In this way, it is possible to effectively ensure that the fire pump is not rusted and causes rust.   The above 4 points are the root cause of the common rust of fire pumps. In order to ensure the service life of the fire pump and prevent rust, please start from the above 4 points and maintain it!

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