The effect of temperature on the fire pump

How does the fire pump work? What should I pay attention to when operating the fire pump? Is the fire pump temperature too high to continue to operate? How to avoid the fire pump temperature is too high? As we all know, the fire pump is driven by the operation of the motor. Many people who don’t understand fire pumps feel that fire pumps are a must for mechanical products. But I don’t know, the fire pump will do nothing if it is operated for a long time.If the temperature is too high, the fire pump will do nothing. What is the principle?

More and more heat is released from the motor running, which can cause the coil to burn out. Damage to the motor will cause the fire pump to completely fail. So, in the face of the high temperature of the fire pump, what can we do? First of all, do a good job of prevention, in order to prevent the fire pump from releasing heat due to excessive heat for a long time, then how to release heat, naturally, it needs to be installed in a well-ventilated place. This is why, in some places, fire pump placement rooms will be set up. In order to release heat, the fire pump needs a certain area for the room to be placed, and the air circulation in the pump room is good. If the conditions are poor, at least ensure a certain safety distance around the fire pump to meet the heat dissipation problem during the operation of the fire pump.

Secondly, in the process of using the fire pump, non-professionals are accustomed to cover a layer of dust cloth or plastic film on the fire pump when the fire pump is not used. When the fire pump is restarted, if you forget to remove the dust cloth or film, the heat of the fire pump will be difficult to spread, resulting in excessive heat. To this end, Xiao Bian advises you not to place anything on the fire pump. Furthermore, to prevent the temperature of the fire pump from being too high, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage of the power supply circuit of the fire pump is stable, because working under abnormal voltage may increase the risk of excessive temperature of the fire pump, so if necessary, the fire pump can be done well. Temperature control can effectively guarantee the normal operation of the fire pump and also prolong the service life of the fire pump.


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