How to maintain your fire pump in winter?

As the temperature dropped, everyone began to wrap thick clothes. However, mechanical equipment is also afraid of cold. The fire pump has been put on fire pump room all the year round. In winter, if you do not pay attention to the cold, there will be problems such as pump cracking and blockage. Many fire pumps have been inexplicably inoperable after being put on hold for a long time, because they have passed one winter after another. The following is a brief description of the measures to prevent cold from fire pumps.


Pay attention to the heating and warmth of the pump house, equipment, pipelines, instruments, electrical instruments, and abnormalities in the post facilities, and find problems in a timely manner;

When the temperature drops below 5 degrees, the water in the fire hose network is exhausted, and the water accumulated in the fire pipes in each device is drained by itself to ensure that the fire protection pipeline is safe for the winter;

The power supply of the regulated fire pump and the high-pressure fire pump maintains the power transmission state;

Strengthen the inspection force, open the exhaust valve during the inspection, and keep the water flowing in the pump;

Keep the pump body ventilated. If there is ice in the pump body, it is recommended to heat the water inside the pump to evaporate and dry to ensure the pump body is ventilated;

Replace the packing in time with the wear of the packing. When replacing the packing, each adjacent packing interface shall be staggered by more than 90 degrees, the water sealing tube shall be aligned with the water sealing ring, and the outer packing opening shall be downward;

Keep the external parts of the equipment free from rust, oil leakage, leakage, water leakage and air leakage.

Dry air in autumn and winter is a high fire season. Recently, many places have caused fires frequently, causing many casualties of property and personnel. Many local departments have also begun to take action.

At this moment, is your fire pump doing a good job of cold protection?



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