Analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of WQ submersible sewage pump

WQ submersible sewage pump has the characteristics of remarkable energy saving effect, anti-winding, no clogging, automatic installation and automatic control. It has a unique effect in discharging solid particles and long fiber waste.


WQ submersible sewage pump is used in the discharge of serious polluted wastewater from the factory, sewage discharge station in residential area, drainage system of urban sewage treatment plant, drainage station of civil air defense system, water supply device of water supply plant, sewage discharge of hospitals and hotels, municipal engineering construction Sites, exploration, mine supporting machines, rural biogas digesters, farmland irrigation and other industries, sewage and sewage with conveyor belts, can also be used for clean water and corrosive media.

WQ submersible sewage pump failure analysis:

Fault phenomenon Cause Analysis  Method of exclusion
Insufficient flow or no water  

1,The direction of rotation of the impeller

2, Is the outlet valve open and intact?

3, There is no air in the pipe between the valve and the pump, which causes the valve to open.

4, the speed is too low

5, the seal ring wear is too large

6, The density of the pumped liquid is high or the viscosity is high.

7, pipe and impeller blockage

1, Change the power line to any two phase sequences.

2, check the valve

3. Discharge the air inside the pipe

4, check if the power supply voltage is too low

5, replace

6, change the density and viscosity of the pumped liquid

7, clean up the pipeline and impeller blockage

Electric pump is unstable  

1, Impeller imbalance

2, bearing damage

3, overload operation

4, the installation tilt is not correct


1, Replace or perform impeller balancing

2, replace

3, adjust the valve so that the electric pump is not overloaded

4, reinstall

Low insulation resistance 1, Cable line power line terminal leakage

2, the cable is damaged or water from the head

3, mechanical seal wear

4, O-ring seal aging failure


1, Tighten the compression nut

2, replace

3, replace

4, replace


Overcurrent 1, low working voltage

2, the impeller is blocked or stuck

3, the pumping liquid seal is larger or higher viscosity

4, the valve opening is too large

 1, adjust the working voltage

2, clean up the pipeline and liquid blockage

3, Change the density and viscosity of the pumped liquid

4, adjust the valve to open

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