6 key points of the fire pump room requirements

1 ) The pump room shall protect the fire pump, driving device, and control device from damage and other harmful situations caused by the explosion, fire, water flooding, earthquake, rat damage, insect damage, storm, freezing, damage, and other adverse conditions.

2 ) The pump room and pump room shall be dry and free of condensed water. To achieve this purpose, appropriate heating may be required. When necessary, ventilation measures should be taken for the pump room or pump room, and appropriate methods should be used to keep the temperature of the pump room or pump room above 40F ( 5 ℃ ).

3 ) Rainwater and the high temperature of the sun are unfavorable conditions for equipment not placed in a complete protective shell. Equipment placed outdoors should at least be covered with ceilings or coverings.

4 ) For accident lighting, there should be artificial lighting in the pump room or pump room.  Fixed or portable battery-powered lamps, including flash lamps, shall be provided.  The emergency lighting circuit should not be connected to the engine starting the battery.

pump room

pump room

5 ) The pump room should preferably be a separate building of the non-combustible structure. A single-story water pump room with a combustible roof installed with a sprinkler system, whether it is independent or properly separated from a single-story building in an adjacent building, it is acceptable. When it is not possible to use a separate building, the position and structure between the pumps should be able to prevent ground subsidence or mechanical damage to the pump units and control equipment, as well as the fire that may drive away or damage the pump units and control equipment. An entrance and exit channel from outside the building into the water pump room shall be provided. If the structure of the pump room cannot be brick or reinforced concrete, it is suggested to use the metal plate or plastering lath. Pump room should not be used as a warehouse. The vertical shaft turbine pump may need to leave a removable cover plate on the roof of the pump house so that the pump can be disassembled for inspection and repair.

6 ) The ground of the pump room should have enough slope to remove water or fuel spilled by dangerous equipment such as water pump, the driving device, control device, oil tank, etc.  The pump room shall be provided with ground drains to allow the drainage to flow into places that are not frozen.

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