Technical innovation of fire fighting dual power water supply equipment 1

Water is the most widely used fire extinguishing agent in modern firefighting activities: water resources are extensive and the price is low. Water can not only directly save fire, but also has a cooling effect that other fire extinguishing agents cannot compare.

The fire water supply system can be classified according to its water supply pressure, purpose and pipe network form: the basic composition consists of fire water source, fixed fire water supply equipment, water supply pipe network, fixed or mobile fire fighting equipment, etc. Fixed fire water supply equipment is the heart of the whole system. In the modern urban building fire water supply system, the design of fixed fire water supply equipment is very important. Because of the different types of buildings and different fire requirements, the types and types of fixed fire water supply equipment used are different.

The diesel fire pump controlled by the new type of automation can be started in parallel to supplement water supply and give full play to the maximum water supply capacity of the equipment. It also includes an emergency starting of a new type of automatic controlled diesel fire pump when the electric control system is abnormal or powered off. When the equipment does not meet the specified water supply point or there is more practical demand for fire scene, the new automatic control diesel fire pump will choose to lift the pump to reach the maximum water supply capacity. Alternatively, the emergency power supply system will be started by using a single-head and double-drive diesel engine unit ( a new type of automatic control diesel engine equipment that directly connects fire pumps and generators with the diesel engine as the driving force ). The emergency power is most directly supplied to the motor fire that the equipment can reach the maximum water supply capacity.  This has the full meaning of the fire-fighting dual power water supply equipment.

E+D+J small fire pump package

1. Intelligent monitoring and display functions of the engine

The control system has an automatic control design and can choose control modes such as manual control, automatic program control ( including automatic inspection control ), remote control and forced start. Various process control times of the diesel engine can be set.

This includes pre-heating or pre-lubrication time before start-up, start-up delay time, start-up time limit, start-up motor disengagement speed, idle running time, soft acceleration process time, idle cooling down time, etc.  Within the specified range, the rated speed of the diesel engine can be arbitrarily set as required to automatically monitor the speed change of the engine during starting, idling, raising speed, full speed, etc.

Completion of start-up motor input and withdrawal ( intelligent judgment of start-up failure due to start-up motor and start-up flywheel slipping or start-up failure due to normal start-up process, the former should immediately withdraw from the start-up motor and try to start again at regular intervals to avoid damage to start-up gear and other components, while the latter allows continuous start-up within a limited period of time, and if the start-up is unsuccessful many times. ) Pre-alarm and over-limit shutdown with too high and too low speed, etc.

Set the alarm limit value, automatically realize overrun pre-alarm ( no shutdown ), alarm and automatic shutdown, etc. Pre-alarm items shall include: over speed, low speed, low lubricating oil pressure, high cooling temperature, low air temperature ( less than 4℃ to prevent icing ), low fuel level, low water level, low battery voltage, high battery voltage, uncorrected speed signal, overflow, etc. The items of automatic alarm and shutdown shall include: no speed signal ( low starting speed, failure of speed sensor, slippage of starting motor ), over speed, low speed, low lubricating oil pressure, high cooling temperature, starting failure, shutdown failure, open circuit of oil pressure sensor, short circuit, open / short circuit of water temperature sensor, open / short circuit of speed sensor, excessive flow and overload, etc. The diesel engine running status display is based on the current actual situation of the system.

Display the current status of the equipment: waiting, starting, supplying oil, starting, starting delay, idling delay, normal operation, cooling down and emergency shutdown. The measurement and display of pump set operation parameters is to display the current relevant parameter values during the system operation: rotational speed, operation time, fuel oil quantity, battery voltage, cooling temperature, lubricating oil pressure, pump outlet pressure and pump flow. The pump group alarm status display means that when the system fails to give an alarm, the panel can display the failure, indicating the type of alarm ( pre-alarm or alarm ) and the reason for the alarm. The pump group parameter setting displays various parameter values set by the current system, including the delay state setting value of the start/stop process, the operation speed control setting value and all alarm and early warning parameter setting values.

2. Efficient integrated dedicated controller

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