Packaged fire pump installation instructions – 911Pump

1. The fire pump room where the pump set is installed should be as close to the water pool as possible, the water inlet pipeline on the water part should be as short as possible, and the elbows should be as few as possible to reduce the resistance to water inflow.  And should ensure that the unit space is spacious enough to facilitate the operation, maintenance, and repair.  The pump room should preferably be equipped with hoisting equipment and heat preservation measures to ensure that the minimum temperature of the pump room is equal or greater than 5 ℃. The foundation needs to be prepared before installing the pump, and ensure that the foundation can bear the weight of the fire pump set.

2. The foundation of the unit should be solid and firm, preferably reinforced concrete, and the size should preferably be 100 – 200 mm from the bottom frame of the pump set to the periphery, with drainage ditches and cable ditches set up.

3. The unit should be adjusted by wedge or cushion block when placed on the foundation, and the levelness should be checked by the level meter.  After tightening the foundation bolts, re-check the levelness, and then grout the foundation bolts when appropriate. No gaps or airbags can be left during grouting.

4. The water pipes at the inlet and outlet of the unit shall be separately supported and firmly installed. Do not use fire pumps as pipe supports.  And take measures to prevent the fire pump import and export load is too large, the inlet pipe without airbag phenomenon.

5. Be sure to embed the foundation bolts of the proper size into the concrete and then fix the base of the pump set on it.

6. After the pump set base is installed on the foundation to ensure stability, connect the pipelines. Please pay attention to the position of the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe and follow the principle of the low inlet and high outlet. The main pipeline below is the water inlet pipe and the main pipeline above is the water outlet pipe.

operating state of electric pump

operating state of electric pump

When the electric pump fails or the mains power is cut off, the diesel engine pump will work.

operating state of diesel pump

operating state of diesel pump

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