What should I do before the fire pump is running?

What should I do before the fire pump is running?

Why is the stability of the fire pump every time so different? Why is there no quality problem with the fire pump? Many new and old customers consult

occasionally, it will not work smoothly.

This in the end is why?

The reason why the fire pump has different stability every time, and the problem is not quality, it is not debugged before operation.

Stable operation of fire pump, please debug

First, check whether the pressure meets the standard

Before the fire pump is operated, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure reaches the standard. For this reason, the commissioning phase must check the pressure. So what if the pressure does not meet the standard? What caused it? 80% of the fire pump pressure is not up to standard may be the motor reversal. In the face of motor reversal, we need to see three-phase wires, and you can solve any one of them by changing the phase sequence.

Second, check the fire system power and circuit is normal

When debugging the fire pump, we must ensure that the power supply and circuit of the fire protection system remain normal, and other electrical equipment is not abnormal.

Third, check whether it is full of oil

Fourth, pay attention to record data during the commissioning phase. On the one hand, make a reference for future commissioning, on the other hand, record the daily health of the fire pump.

  1. Ensure that the weight of the fire pump is uniform and there is no abnormal sound.

To be centered on the oil window, the amount of fuel is maintained in balance with the centerline. Sometimes there is no way to be extremely accurate, so the position is slightly lower than the centerline, and it is ok.

As a mechanical device, the fire pump is actually stupid. If the details are not in place, it cannot be used. Therefore, in order to ensure its normal operation, it needs human support, fire pump debugging, and ensure the stable operation of the fire pump. Premise.;

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