Causes that the fire pump pipeline is waterless

Causes that the fire pump pipeline is waterless

In many places, fire pumps have different general equipment and do not need to operate every day. It is only at a critical time, such as when a fire comes, it will be turned on. Then, you will often find such a problem, the fire pump that has been idle for a long time, the pipeline actually has no water. This phenomenon happens every year. Then, the fire pump pipeline is waterless, what is the main problem? ,

The fire pump pipeline is waterless, and most of the pressure is out of order! Here are a few reasons why the fire pump is waterless.

Fire Pump Unit For Home
As usual, Fire pump set for home include Diesel engine pump + Electric motor pump+Jockey pump. Sometime, it just include Electric pump+Jockey pump.
Its power: 1.0 to 20kw, flow: 15-300gpm, head: 3-10bar, 50/60hz. The material: Cast iron or SS, bronze impeller.                                                

1, the speed is small, it may be because the motor wiring is not correct, or the steam pressure is not normal, the rotation speed is small, resulting in insufficient pressure to pump.

2, the fire pump forgot to fill the water or did not properly vent.

3, the fire pump suction stroke is too high.

4,Parts of the fire pump that have been idle for too long are damaged, such as impeller damage, large impeller clearance, blocked pipeline, offset position of the pressure gauge, leakage in the inlet pipeline, and insufficient lubricant.

5,The bottom valve or inlet pipe of the fire pump is not deeply immersed.

The fire pump pressure is insufficient, causing the fire pump pipeline to be waterless. In terms of fire safety, it can be big or small. Therefore, when purchasing a good quality fire pump, don’t forget the maintenance work of the fire pump.

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