Chemical Pump Assembly and Maintenance

Chemical Pump Assembly and Maintenance

When the chemical pump is assembled, the threads of all bolts and nuts shall be coated with a layer of lead powder oil. After assembling the last stage impeller, the axial distance between its hub and the two end faces of the balance disc hub shall be measured, and the axial dimension of the baffle sleeve between them shall be determined according to the axial distance.  The sum of the axial clearances between the baffle sleeve and the impeller hub, the baffle sleeve, and the balance disc hub is 030 – 050 mm. The reason is that the parts on the shaft such as the impeller are affected by the medium with the higher temperature at the beginning of start-up of the chemical pump, and the expansion of the shaft is different in time after it is affected by heat. The axial clearance of 03 – 05 mm is left to prevent the impellers and balance plates from being pushed against each other to expand first. With the result that it causes greater tensile stress on the pump shaft.

  1. Long dry bolts can only be tightened slightly at the beginning of assembly.  After the whole multi-stage pump is in place on site, the long rod bolts are tightened according to the recorded data. Be sure to operate symmetrically when tightening, otherwise, it will cause poor sealing between sections.
  2. When the chemical pump is installed with the pressure ring of the balance disc seat, the gap above it should be aligned with the interface of the balance water pipe. Otherwise, the balance water pipe is blocked and the whole axial balance device will lose its function.
CZ type standard chemical pump

CZ type standard chemical pump

How to repair the chemical pump and what to do when fluorine plastic chemical pump needs to overhaul it?

1、Disassemble and check the condition of each component, and make the measurement records of the inspection machine.
2、Clean up and repair parts that continue to be used, and prepare or process replacement parts.
3、Perform assembly check to see if the requirements are met.
4、Carry out general assembly work.
5、Pump alignment.
6、Commissioning handover acceptance.
7、Fill in the maintenance record and quality acceptance form carefully.

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