Centrifugal Pump Automatic Water Absorption Method

Centrifugal Pump Automatic Water Absorption Method

1. Self-priming centrifugal pump

This type of pump is a new type of agricultural water pump designed, manufactured and popularized in China in recent years. It does not need a bottom valve. Before starting, a small amount of water is poured into the pump, and when starting, it can automatically draw vacuum for water diversion.  After stopping the machine, the next time it starts again, there is no need to refill the water. Therefore, it is very convenient to use. The SS type self-priming centrifugal pump developed in recent years, and is suitable for orchard and farmland irrigation. In addition, in order to develop sprinkler irrigation technology, BPZ type self-priming sprinkler pump series products were designed and manufactured. This type of pump is not only used in agriculture, but also widely used in construction sites.

2. Water storage method

Use a big barrel or water tank to store water, place it near the pump, and make the bottom of the barrel slightly higher than the outlet of the pump. Or when a pool is built on the side near the pump room, the bottom of the pool is slightly lowered to form a pool. Connect the bucket ( or pool ) with the pump body water filling hole with a water pipe. Before stopping the machine, use the water flowing out of the water outlet pipe to fill up the bucket for standby, and the next time you start the machine, you can automatically fill the water. This method is simple and convenient to use.

3. Vacuum filling method using engine exhaust gas

Dismantle the muffler of the small engine, install a special exhaust water diversion device, and use the exhaust gas discharged during the engine operation to pump the air from the water pump to create a certain degree of vacuum in the water pump. During operation, the engine is started first, then the handle of the exhaust water diversion device is pressed down, the exhaust outlet is closed, and the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is discharged through the exhaust gas injection nozzle, which has a suction effect due to the high speed and low pressure of the exhaust gas jet. When continuous air-water bubbles appear, the pump starts to absorb water. Then close the water filling and discharging hole on the pump body, lift the handle immediately, open the exhaust outlet, and the pump will turn to normal operation. This water filling method is only applicable to small-diameter water pumps powered by small gasoline or diesel engines.

4. Water tank diversion method in front of the pump

A cylindrical water tank is installed in front of the water pump. The top of the tank is a hemispherical protrusion. A section of suction pipe is installed in the middle of the tank. Its pipe mouth is lower than the height of the cylinder body. The outlet at the lower part of the tank body is connected with the water pump suction pipe. Before the water tank is used for the first time, the water tank is filled with water from the water filling opening, and then the water filling opening is closed. When the pump is started up, the water in the water tank is pumped away instantly, the water level gradually drops and the volume gradually increases, forming a vacuum state and generating suction, thus sucking the water from the water suction pool into the water tank, and the water pump continues to run, and the water is pumped out continuously.

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