The difference between fire pump and ordinary water pump and how to choose ?

The fire pump is used for the purpose of the fire, the pump used for fire protection is divided into different types according to different classification methods. It is widely sealed, leak-free and corrosion-resistant. It is widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire fighting and other departments to pump various liquids. It is the ideal pump for creating a leak-free, pollution-free civilized workshop and a civilized factory.

Why can’t ordinary water pumps replace diesel fire pumps?

Diesel fire pumps are common fire pumps. It has a very common application in the field of fire safety. The general structure of the diesel engine fire pump is also relatively simple. Generally, the diesel engine fire pump is a combination of a water pump and a diesel generator. Then why use a diesel engine fire pump, can’t use ordinary water pump directly, or why not use a gasoline fire pump instead of a diesel fire pump? In fact, all of this is for a reason.

Because a general fire occurs, the general power supply system will be powered off, resulting in power outages. There is no power for the ordinary water pump to use when the power is cut off. As a result, the pump can’t pump water without power supply, and the pump can’t play a role. This is why you can’t directly replace the diesel fire pump with a normal water pump. The replacement of the ordinary generator with a diesel engine is because the diesel engine is used to provide more pressure than the gasoline generator in order to ensure that the fire pump has sufficient pressure to pump water.

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This is why ordinary pumps can’t replace diesel fire pumps. Because the diesel engine fire pump is connected to the power system and the working system, it can be used in the event of power failure, which is very suitable for use in fire environments.

Selection of fire pump

The fire water pump is mainly divided into a vertical fire pump and a horizontal fire pump. The flow rate of the liquid is one of the important performance data of the fire pump selection. The flow rate of the liquid is directly related to the production capacity of the whole device.

The selection of fire pump should be based on the process flow of the fire pump application engineering, water supply and drainage requirements, from the five aspects of liquid delivery, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions.

The pumps used in the fire protection system are divided into the following types: fire sprinkler pumps, fire hydrant pumps, fire rated boost pumps, fire booster pumps, depending on the actual conditions of use. It is similar to the type of pump used in the fire protection system, except that the head and flow are different.

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