The cause of the vibration of the fire pump unit

With the improvement of fire safety awareness, people’s awareness of fire pumps has gradually increased. In the early years, the fire pump technology was low, the equipment cost was low, and it was left unused for a long time. Once it was faulty, it chose to replace the new equipment. In theory, it is also a desirable measure. However, in recent years, the technology of fire pumps has been continuously enhanced, and large fire pumps have begun to enter life, like diesel fire pumps. Such a high-cost fire pump group, if it is replaced in case of failure, is a waste of cost. To this end,  The following are the reasons behind the vibration of the fire pump unit.

The fire pump unit will not vibrate for no reason, the reason here

Vibration pump unit vibration causes: the pump shaft or motor rotor shaft is deformed, the bearing is damaged and the base fixing bolt is loose. It is recommended to do the following fault inquiry:

1. Check whether the fixed base bolt is firm;

2. Check if the bearing part is overheated and the rotation is not smooth. If it is, it means that the bearing is damaged. If not, it may be that the pump shaft or the motor rotor shaft is deformed to cause excessive vibration.

Hidden dangers of vibration failure of fire pump unit: causing insufficient flow, heating of the pump body, poor operation, and stop operation of the fire pump.

Other solutions for fire pump unit vibration:

First, see if the grounding bolt of the pump unit is loose or the foundation of the pump set is defective. If yes, tighten the anchor bolt and reinforce the foundation.

Second, check the tachometer to see if the turbine speed of the pump set exceeds the rated speed of the pump. If it is, it is recommended to adjust the speed control system to make the pump work at its rated speed.

Third, check whether the fire pump impeller is damaged or foreign matter is inhaled. If it is, it is recommended to remove the pump and replace the damaged parts in time, and then adjust the centering and clearance of the coupling should not be too large.

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