Maintenance measures for Vertical Turbine Pump

Vertical Turbine Pump , in the field of fire pumps, are not the largest, but they are also indispensable in everyday areas. In the early years, long-axis fire pumps were widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, and high-rise buildings, and there has not been much change. The environment is still the same, the performance of the product is not the same.

With the advancement of technology, the development technology of vertucal turbine pump has become more advanced than before. Scientific and effective maintenance measures are gradually improving.

Accurate and effective maintenance measures make long-axis fire pumps longer! First, remember to overhaul the vertical turbine pump regularly. The general frequency is a minor repair every three months, and it is a major repair every year. Among them, minor repair is to remove dirt and dust inside the motor; check the grounding wire, winding joints, fasteners of the transmission mechanism for looseness; check the insulation resistance of the motor. Overhaul is to check the wear of the bearing; whether the winding is damaged or replace the lubricant.

Second, under normal circumstances, Vertical Turbine Pump are not used. It is recommended to run for half an hour every week to prevent the machine from rusting. If the long-axis fire pump is running less than one year, check it once every three months. If the deep well pump is in good condition after one year of operation, the overall maintenance time can be extended to two or three years. Should not exceed 3 years.

XBD Vertical Turbine Pump is mainly used for fire hydrant fire extinguishing, automatic sprinkler fire fighting and other fire protection systems in industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, high-rise buildings and other fixed fire protection systems.

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