Fire pump characteristics

The fire pump is a pump used to pump liquid and fire. It is a water pump, but it is not the same as a water pump. Xiaobian wants to tell everyone that the fire pump is not just a water pump, it has its own characteristics. So, what are the characteristics of the fire pump?

Fire pump characteristics: Compared with ordinary water pumps, the fire flow is relatively regular. For example, the fire hydrant water supply system is incremented by 5L/s. The sprinkler system is incremented by flow values corresponding to light hazard, medium hazard, and severe hazard levels.

Fire pump characteristic 2: The fire pump is used to ensure the water quantity and water pressure of the fire fighting water. It involves personal safety and property protection. The role of the key moment is much higher than that of the ordinary water pump. For this reason, the operation of the fire pump must be reliable. This is why the pump body is required to have a reasonable structure, proper material and high reliability.

Fire pump characteristics 3: Fire pump water supply generally uses water pump directly to fire-fighting facilities, such as fire hydrants, sprinklers and other means of water supply. Provide water for small flows during initial fire or self-test operation, and supply water at design flow during the fire development phase.

Fire pump characteristics 4: The fire pump is used for fire extinguishing, and the requirements are prompt and timely. The fire pump has a short water diversion time and good starting performance.

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