How to clean the fire pump is safe?

How to clean the fire pump is safe?

As an important equipment in the field of fire protection, the excellent fire pump is the key to determining fire safety, and the fire pump that is always ready to fight, long-term placement will cause some health problems, diffracting various work obstacles such as blockage and corrosion. . For this reason, the fire pump has been placed for a long time, but it needs to be cleaned.

The fire pump can be cleaned directly, as long as the way

Nowadays, the market is generally dominated by brand cast iron fire pumps. Some workers, in order to remove surface stains more quickly, use some cleaning products such as detergents to clean the fire pump, but in fact, such direct cleaning methods it’s wrong. Because long-term use of such corrosive products to clean the surface of the fire pump will only increase the corrosion of the surface of the fire pump, and can not be directly washed with water. The main components of the fire pump can not be flushed with water, and water enters the motor, which is easy to cause short circuit. problem. Therefore, many people think that the fire pump can not be directly cleaned, and the factory staff is required to carry out professional cleaning, but in fact, it is not.

The fire pump can actually be cleaned directly, just use the right way. So, what kind of way is the correct way to directly clean the fire pump?

Very simple, first of all, is to wipe the surface of the fire pump with a towel soaked in water, the so-called wet towel, and pay attention to the contact parts of small parts to see if there is a blockage caused by a large amount of ash layer accumulation, and secondly, Then wipe the surface of the fire pump with a dry towel to protect the fire pump.

In addition, if the fire pump impeller is cleaned, it is necessary to pay attention to the scale and rust accumulated on the inner and outer surfaces of the impeller and the seal ring and bearings. For example, the cleaning of the water seal pipe needs to pay attention to whether the pipe is unblocked, and the ball bearing is applied with gasoline cleaning, etc. . For the type and purpose of the fire pump, the parts can also be cleaned in a targeted manner.


The fire pump is a mechanical device. When the mechanical equipment has been placed for a long time, it needs to be paid attention to. The proper cleaning is beneficial to the fire pump to improve work efficiency, and also extend the life period and control the cost for the user.


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