Characteristics and Maintenance of the Diesel Engine Fire Pump

  1. Characteristics of diesel engine fire pump

The biggest difference between a diesel fire pump and an electric water pump is that it has its own independent power supply system – the battery. Therefore, the start and operation of the diesel fire pump can be completely disconnected from the mains.

Diesel engine fire pumps are usually used as backup facilities, only when the fire signal comes, and the electric water pump fails or the power is cut off, it will start automatically. When there is a device with ultra-low pressure start pump, the electric water pump control cabinet matched with it should also have a device with ultra-low pressure start pump, and the lower limit of the pump start should have a certain pressure difference. Of course, I can also design a control system that is more suitable according to the customer’s requirements.

  1. Diesel engine fire pump maintenance

Proper maintenance of diesel engine fire pumps, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is the key to extending service life and reducing operating costs. Daily maintenance should follow the steps below– check the fuel level of the fuel tank – observe the fuel storage capacity of the fuel tank and add as needed.

Check the oil level in the oil sump – observe if the oil level meets the marking on the oil scale. If it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified amount, but it should not exceed the upper limit of the scale.

Check the oil level of the fuel injection pump governor – if the specified engraved marking is not reached, add enough oil (some injector valves do not have a ruler on the governor).

Check if there is sufficient grease in the oil injection point of the pump. Remove the grease fitting on the circulating water pump of the diesel engine and observe whether the lubricating grease inside is sufficient. If it is insufficient, apply a grease gun to fill the inside with sufficient grease. Check if there is enough water in the tank – find that the water in the tank should be replenished in time. The added water should be clean fresh water, such as tap water or clean river water. If groundwater is used directly, it is easy to form scale in the water tank, which will affect the cooling effect and cause malfunction. Therefore, the groundwater can be softened before use. In the north (ambient temperature below zero), the appropriate freezing point antifreeze must be configured according to the local minimum temperature. The formula is as follows:

Glycol water condensation point °C

Glycol antifreeze 60 40 -55

55 45 -40

50 50 -32

40 60 -22

Check the three leakage (water, oil, gas) situation – check the sealing surface of the oil pipe and water pipe joint, and find that there is leakage, it should be solved immediately; if the supercharger of the exhaust pipe and cylinder head gasket is loose or has leaking phenomena, it should also be eliminated in time.

Check the acidity in the battery – the liquid level of the electrolyte in the battery should be 10~15mm higher than the top surface of the plate. If it is abnormal, it should be adjusted by adding dilute sulfuric acid or distilled water with a specific gravity of 1.400g/cm3. The specific gravity is 1.280±0.005 (30 ° C). Do not add river water, well water and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Check the installation of the various accessories of the diesel engine – including the stability of the installation of each accessory, the anchor bolts and the robustness of the connection to the working machine.

Check the fuel pump drive connection plate – check if the connection screw is loose. If it is loose, re-correct the injection advance angle and tighten the connection screw.

Clean the surface of diesel engines and accessories – use a dry cloth or a diesel-soaked rag to remove grease, water, and dust from the surface of the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air cleaner, etc. The air blows off the dust on the surface of the generator, radiator, fan, etc.

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