Common problems and solutions for fire pumps

On the one hand, choosing a large brand water pump can reduce the incidence of failure to a certain extent; on the other hand, some small faults in the use process can be solved by 80%. If you master some quick elimination methods, you can avoid many orders. A small obstacle that people are not happy, saves effort and effort. In the practice of dealing with faults, according to the specific problems, the actual analysis, should follow the principle of the first and the outside, do not blindly operate. First of all: should check the power supply situation: whether the connector is secure; whether the switch contact is tight; whether the fuse is blown; whether the three-phase power supply is equal. If there is an open circuit, poor contact, blown fuse, or missing phase, the cause should be identified and repaired in time. Second: Check if it is a mechanical failure of the pump itself.

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First, the pump can not start1Common causes: the packing is too tight or the impeller and the pump body are blocked by the accumulation of debris; the pump shaft, the bearing, the leak-reducing ring are rusted; the pump shaft is severely bent.Remedy: loosen the packing, dredge the water tank; disassemble the pump body to remove debris and rust; remove the pump shaft to correct or replace the new pump shaft.Second, insufficient traffic

2Causes: Most of the suction pipe leaks, the bottom valve leaks; the water inlet is blocked; the bottom valve has insufficient water depth; the pump speed is too low; the seal ring or impeller wears too much; the water absorption height exceeds the standard.Remedy: Check the suction pipe and the bottom valve to block the leaking gas source; clean the sludge or blockage at the water inlet; the depth of the bottom valve must be greater than times the diameter of the inlet pipe, increase the depth of the bottom valve; check the power supply voltage. Increase the pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; lower the pump installation position, or replace the high lift pump.Third, can not absorb water

3Cause: There is air in the pump body or gas in the inlet pipe, or the bottom valve is not tightly closed, the water is not full, the vacuum pump packing leaks badly, and the gate valve or the door is not closed tightly.Remedy: 1. First press the water up, then fill the pump with water, then turn it on. At the same time, check whether the check valve is tight, and whether the pipeline or joint is leaking. If air leakage is found, apply lubricant or blend paint at the joint after tightening, and tighten the screw. 2. Check the oil seal ring of the pump shaft. If the wear is serious, replace the new one. 3. The pipeline leaks or leaks. The nut may not be tightened when it is installed. If the leakage is not serious, apply cement in the place where the air leaks or leaks, or apply the cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil. Temporary repairs can be applied to wet mud or soft soap. If there is water leakage at the joint, the nut can be tightened with a wrench. If the water leakage is serious, it must be disassembled and replaced with a cracked pipe. Reduce the lift and press the nozzle of the pump into the water for 0.5m.Fourth, the pump does not produce water

4Cause: The pump body and the suction pipe are not filled with water; the moving water level is lower than the water pump water pipe; the water pipe is broken.Remedy: Eliminate the bottom valve failure, fill the water; reduce the installation position of the pump, so that the filter water pipe is below the moving water level, or wait for the water level to rise to the filter water pipe and pump again; repair or replace the suction pipe.Symptom 5, the pump body vibrates or produces noise

5 Cause: The pump is not installed securely or the pump is installed too high; the motor ball bearing is damaged; the pump shaft is bent or not concentric with the motor shaft, and is not parallel. Treatment method: install the pump or reduce the installation height of the pump; replace the motor ball bearing; correct the curved water pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor. Illness 6, power consumption is too large 6 Cause: The pump speed is too high; the pump spindle is bent or the pump spindle is not concentric or parallel with the motor shaft; the pump head is not suitable; the pump sucks in sediment or has a blockage; the motor ball bearing is damaged. Treatment method: check the circuit voltage, reduce the pump speed; correct the water pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump and the motor; select the pump with the appropriate head; clean the sediment or blockage; replace the ball bearing of the motor.

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